When I didn’t think I could do it.


The day that HR sat me down and told me that they’d be terminating my contract… I told my coworkers, “I’m a hustler.” In response to their grief that I had just been let go. This was in 2017.

She reminds me every chance she gets. Sometimes you need people in your life to remind you, of you! And I mean they see you in a way that you don’t see yourself. They see your potential, they see your drive, they see your struggle, and they see your journey. They knew that you were bigger than the place where they met you.

We attract people who are reflections of ourselves. There’s a reason why you connected with them or were pulled together like magnets.

This story was written in December 2020, but wasn’t published until today.



naomi marie

I am a person who believes in sharing knowledge so that others may benefit and grow. Our liberation is tied together, so let us resist together.